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I do not want art for a few any more than education for a few or freedom for a few. -William Morris


If you would like to be even more connected to The Green Art House and our mission of bringing art in various forms to scholars, students, artists, parents, school groups, religious organizations, companies and children, there are many forms in which you can show your support. No matter which option you choose, we sincerly appreciate your generosity.


We currently offer three memberships to our Art House: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Please click here to visit our Membership page for details.

Donation of funds 

Simply put, we count on our generous donors who go above and beyond to help make TGAH a reality. We appreciate any contribution. Please click here to donate.

Donation of items

Donations don't only come in a monitary amount. Please contact us to discuss our current needs.

Volunteering time

One of the most valuable ways to help The Green Art House community is to help with your time...

Funding scholarship opportunities

Our goal is to make art accessible to everyone, no matter their life circumstances. We will be honoring our generous contributors in naming the scholarship after the name or title of their choice and plan to offer several scholarships each year. Please click here for more information on funding a scholarship in your name.

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