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Live in the present, it is a gift. - Unknown

Richard Stergulz

VP Programming, Instructor

(Rich) recognized my problem and gave consistent, kind and set clear cut solutions. I

cannot praise his teaching style highly enough.

-Phee Sherline

Richard Stergulz is an accomplished master figurative and portrait painter, who at the age of 8 knew he wanted to be an artist. Mr. Stergulz graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1985 and began his successful commercial art career. In 1995, he felt it was time to fine tune his fine art style and moved to California to start painting for himself in a realistic style with a touch of Russian impressionism. Rich also teaches class four days a week, as well as doing demonstrations for most of the Art Associations in San Diego and Riverside counties. His paintings have won numerous awards from Best of Show to People's Choice. He has judged at countless shows, and his work hangs in galleries in Santa Monica, CA and Boca Grande, FL. 

With Rich's help, I've freed up my style and learned how to work with values, with warms and cools to produce more exciting paintings all due to his gentle guidance. -Sandra Coronado

"As a result of Rich's teaching I have bloomed as an artist who has a clear voice. It is a fun place to be."

-George Bamber

Providing a free art demonstration...

If you need to find Rich when he's not in the class teaching, check the golf course or gym. 

"He's amazing, so glad I took a class with him, so looking forward to taking more and so grateful to know him. Such a gifted and wonderful person."

- Debra Gayle Sut

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