A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts.

-Joshua Reynolds


The Green Art House will help you bust through any creative blocks that have been hindering your creative process. Our unique cottages are works of art in themselves. When is the last time you created a work of art in a Mongolian yurt? In a shipping container? In an Earthship? In a hay bale cottage? In a hobbit cottage? Completely surrounding yourself in living art while you dream your next masterpiece.  

Environment and Wildlife

We care deeply about our environment and the wildlife. All of our studios will be eco friendly, using solar, wind, and grey water to help keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. The studios will be built to the highest standards using recycled and repurposed materials, making them environmentally friendly. 



Richard Stergulz

Tel. 951-526-8055

Leslie Sweetland

Tel. 951-264-1023



The Green Art House at

Pala Mesa Resort

2001 Old Hwy 395

Fallbrook, CA 92028