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Learn the rules so you know how to break them properly. -Dalai Lama

Jill Roberts
Instructor Bio


Born in Central Ohio and painting at age five, Jill’s artistic desire quickly became evident. Growing up in rural surroundings, the rich colors of ever-changing seasons and scenery of the landscapes, weather and wildlife influenced her passion for capturing things visually. Fortunately, several ardent art teachers encouraged her apparent eagerness to learn early in her life.


As a teenager, she became known in her community for her artistic achievements, including airbrushing vans, motorcycles, paintings and wall murals.


Jill attended the private Columbus College of Art Design, majoring in advertising design with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. She received intensive training in the fine arts, drawing, painting, anatomy, art history, photography, color theory and the approach to advertising design before computers.


With a developed graphic design and branding career, she continues to receive inspiration for painting from Southern California’s landscapes, weather and surroundings. Fascinated by the changing colors and the play of light and shadows, capturing a pet’s personality for commissioned work and painting objects in still-life settings still offer ongoing appeals and challenges. Her favorite mediums include acrylic and multi-media.


Whether she is painting murals on walls or images on canvas, the process and journey of creating and applying paint never cease to amaze, entertain and inspire her to more significant challenges.


In late 2012, Roberts developed a “Learn to Paint while Sipping Wine” company, teaching students to follow along step-by-step in a class while sipping wine. She has performed live in this format for over 300 classes and private parties.


While sharing her skills in teaching art, she still considers herself a committed student of the arts by stating, “There’s always more to learn!”


Roberts resides on a little ranch in the high country of Anza, California, where the elevation provides a big sky with far-reaching views of its rugged terrain and wildlife.

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